Workflow AOW not working with custom module

I kindly ask for any help on this issue:

  1. In Module Builder I have created a “Person” type module named “Incoming Invoices”
  2. I created a workflow which creates a new record “Invoices Overdue” when the “Incoming Invoice” is due
  3. All my other workflows work fine on Scheduler, this one I have to run manually
  4. When ran manually, the workflow executes OK
  5. All my other modules are SuiteCRM’s (not custom)

Is there any additional steps than have to nbe taken care of when setting up a workflow for a custom module? Am I missing something?

My SuiteCRM verison is version 7.5.3, Sugar version 6.5.23 (Build 1061).

I would greately appreciate any information:

Kind regards.

share a Screenshot of your workflow, there are no limitations and or problems with using workflow with custom modules, maybe you have something not set correctly

best regards

Hello again,

I am afraid a printscreen won’t be much of help since it is in Slovene, but I am attaching it anyway. Please let me know how can I assist you with helping me find the solution to my problem.

I thank you kindly for your help.