Workflow and other SalesAgility Modules Missing

They appear to be deleted/invalidated. I’ll install a new instance and try to reproduce, but does anyone know how to get them back?

Hi there,

Navigate to display modules and subpanels in Admin. They may be hidden.



Hi Will, it’s a bit more complex than that, I’m afraid. I have a site where I can reproduce it easily, at uid=admin, password=crm

This may be the case of a bad module, but either way, it breaks the salesagility modules.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install fresh version of 7.1.1
  2. Install SugarGINI from
  3. Install the GMAIL Connector from:
  4. Run a quick-Repair.

Hi Mike,

Do these modules both work together/individually installed on SugarCRM CE 6.5.x?



Hi Will,

No idea. I started directly with Suite, not Sugar.

The problem could easily be with these modules (and I’ll reach out to the respective developers to have them do some investigation on their side).

When I install 3rd party modules, I guess I expected the possibility that they wouldn’t work properly. Not that they could corrupt the environment.


I’m fine for now, over the weekend I exported my accounts/contacts/projects/etc. built a brand-new instance, recreated my users, and imported. And before installing modules, I’ll be much better about taking a full database and file-system backup.