Workflow Actions

Hello Guys

I am just starting to use the workflow inside Suite - Im a rookie with this module

The workflow I am trying to action is

Lead status is changed to “Assigned” - Workflow - Create a Student record (Custom Module) with all the same information on the lead being transferred over

In this example


First name - Last Name & Date of Birth

Status changed - Assigned


Create Student record with the same info

The problem I am having is the workflow isn’t doing anything! :slight_smile: It probably is something I am not doing correctly

Please see image attached to show what I have put into the workflow module

Any help/Advise would be great!

Thanks guys

Are there any “How to guides” or step by steps for this module?


Hi Taufique,

Have you set up the cron job on your server/is the ‘Run AOW Workflow’ Scheduled job active/running?



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Will check now


Yes! This was the thing standing in my way

Thanks again Will