Workflow + Action

Hi, I’m new in SuiteCRM…

I’m exploring workflow tool and try to create a new Oportunity after Lead have “Status” with “Assigned” or something like that.

But i want to put fill some fields with information that are in Lead Registry…

Any way to collect this data?

Best Regards, Artur

In the action for the create record(Opportunity) you should have the option to add fields and map values from the lead module fields.



How i can “map values”?


When you are using the ‘create record’ functionality you will have the option to set fields in the Lead record equal to those in the opportunity.

I Have this:

How can i relate option 1 to Lead Name?

And Option 2 to Lead Assign User

Ex: Lead Name is LeadCRM1 and assigned user is Admin. I want that when Workflow executes and a new Opportunity was created, workflow put in new record same data there are in Lead.

Select the ‘field’ option instead of ‘value’ to map the field values.

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I opened the screen often the search for solutions. But I totally forgot to open this option. As default puts “Value” not remembered that could have other options.

Thanks again.

In the tutorial at there is the type possibily ‘multiple’ , but in my 7.2 version there is no possibility for ‘multiple’. In my example I think the lines are combined as ‘Line1 AND Line2 AND Line3’ but I need 'Line 1 AND (Line2 OR Line3)

Where is the possibility for ‘multiple’ or exists a workaround?

this is most likely because the cases status field is a dynamic dropdown, so its not picked up correctly

I have submitted a bug report for this here

Noticed the issue in Reports and in Workflow last week. .
Here is solution / workaround until they incorporate the solution.

Pull Request here