Will SuiteCRM Install and Run Using Laragon Localhost Server on Windows 11?

Laragon Full 6.0 220916, php-8.2.8, Win32-vs16-x64 [TS].
Apache httpd-2.4.57-win64-VS17
Windows 11 Pro (10.0.22621)

If it will install and run, would like to know of any kinks, assumptions, trip wires, or holes.
Thanks in advance.

You have to stay inside these specs

I also note that people tend to have a much smoother experience on Linux than on Windows. I run SuiteCRM for tests and development on my Windows 10 laptop, but I do it inside a Ubuntu VM or a WSL Ubuntu.

Okay, thanks! We’ll give it a shot.

Looks like the only one I might be off on is the php. I have multiple versions, using 8.2.8 most frequently (Laragon allows for easy switching pretty much on the fly). The specs in the Compatibility Matrix you referred to calls for 8.0. Think the 8.2.8 is too much of a violation? (Would be nice to not have to make changes throughout the day as I work on various projects…) Have php-8.1.10, Win32-vs16-x64 [TS] and php-7.4.33-nts, Win32-vc15-x64 also installed; but switching becomes a nightmare at best.

I really don’t advise using a PHP version outside the matrix. You will get random fatal errors and it’s not worth the trouble.

The 8.4 beta probably works with PHP 8.2.

Once you have several PHP versions installed, switching should not be a nightmare at all, it’s typically just one or two commands, and there’s plenty of sites documenting it.