Will Suitecrm 8 ever be lauched? Makes sense to install actuall LTS?

Hi Everybody,

I Know that Everybody is waiting for Suitecrm 8 but actually i need to decide what CRM i am using for the future.

I really love Suite and worked extreme intense with it in 2016 i think, but actually i am not Sure what is going on in the Team. For me it looks like they completely underestaminated the project and they maybe loose some developers so they maybe are Not able to communicate something specific for the hopefully upcoming launch.

What Do you think, where They are actually as a Team and with the product?

I would be so happy If the cleaned up the Code and bring out v8.

Hey @smarb

Welcome to the community. It’s nice to see a long term supporter posting on the forums for the first time. :tada:

Thank for your interest in Suite 8, the team is working extremely hard developing something that will be as flexible as the current SuiteCRM architecture that the world has come to love. That being said, the core design value we are maintaining throughout this development is to still provide users the ability to utilise as much of their customisations as possible (business logic etc) from their existing Suite 7 codebase allowing users, developers, and everyone to gradually transition to the newer extension framework.
So this means, whilst everyone is waiting patiently for SuiteCRM 8 don’t let that hold you back from using either LTS or 7.11.x as with the launch, Suite 8 aims to accommodate as much as possible your Suite 7 codebase from the get go.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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