Hi guys,
I’m a software engineer for a global software company. Came across this and interested in the up-keep of sugar open since it became “premium”.

Look, I downloaded + tested the web demo and I have to ask why people are still using this old heap of junk. Pardon me for being passionate but seriously? how much activity are you managing to achieve through this solution - If you can call it that.

I feel pretty much this way about a lot of mainstream solutions- salesforce was one of them until they recently upgraded their UX even then its still crap.

Take a look at the smaller crm and lead management companies they are doing a way better job, with better support for way less hassle and cost.
Get out of keeping legacy alive!

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Thank you for your interesting feedback. I agree with you. The smaller lead management companies are doing interesting things. But CRM is about the complete relationship with the customer. Lead management is only a very small part of that.

Hi systroeu,

nothing is perfect in life and software is more imperfect than nothing.

Greg Soper has proved to be a true gentleman with his answer to your post.

If you are not satisfied I believe that you should be free to express your opinion.

However freedom of opinion does not mean that you can use any language that you want.

If you want to be offensive and insult the work of several people who are doing something for the community and, of course, probably also for their business, which, by he way is not forbidden, please go elsewhere. This is the wrong place.

If, on the other hand you want to be constructive, or even destructive if you wish, you are more than welcome to do so but please moderate your language and do not insult people’s work while keeping polite.

It will always help.

Thank you!

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