why my theme isn't working

Trying to figure out why my theme stopped working, now all i see when I log in is a white page with a list of links to modules, somehow the theme is broken and I’m not aware of any changes

If you can reach the Admin / Repair page, try some repairs from there. Sometimes turning off styles in your browser helps navigate broken pages (on Firefox: view, Page Style, no style).

But what you should really do is look for FATAL errors in suitecrm.log and php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called).

Found the issue, it was with file permissions in the cache folders.

I used the developer console in Chrome to find the errors. None of the javascript and css files were loading, they were all generating 404 errors. I confirmed that the scripts were in the folders and went through File Manager in Cpanel to change the permissions of each requested file for 0755 so that the browser could access it. I have no idea how the permissions were changed, maybe a server admin response to an attack? But everything is set back and working again. Shew!
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