Why is there no content and all white page in the Administration Panel?

We installed the latest version of SuiteCRM and it’s running just fine. Just one problem.

When clicking the “Administration” button to access the various tools…nothing shows up. A completely blank page. Does anyone know what’s going on? How can this be fixed?


You will need to check the sugarcrm.log and possibly the php error log. This could be anything really and without a error we would just be taking a stab in the dark.


I had the same issue:

I just installed 7.4.3 on a brand new VPS I had just provisioned.


  1. enable Error Reporting: go into your index.php file and add the following line: ini_set(‘display_errors’,1);
    Reason - find out if php is throwing any errors you may be unaware of"

  2. Reload SuiteCRM to pick up the Change: in my case the error when loading the Admin page: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435465 bytes exhausted”

  3. Go into your PHP file an up your memory limit: Look for stanza - memory_limit = 128M and change to a high value until you get the results you want. In my case the original value was set to 32M which I changed to 128M.

Note: some of you may not have the ability to change if your on a shared hosting system.

  1. Make sure your remove the change the index.php when you are done.