Why archive folder is empty

why archive folder is empty . how can i select some emails and move it to the archive emails


I’ve had a look and can’t see any obvious ways to add items to that folder through the CRM myself…

There does seem to be an action on the “History” subpanel:

Though I can’t see this email in the “Archived Emails” folder, perhaps it is a piece of legacy functionality?

However, this leads me to believe it may be done through Archiving Emails via external plugins
(ie: the suitecrm outlook plugin)
As these would be archiving mails through their own methods, perhaps it is built with this in mind?

How are you trying to archive emails?
Through CRM, or have you tried through an External Mail client?

I’ll keep investigating, but if anyone else has any ideas/methods, it’d be good to hear!

thanks for the reply . i’m trying to archive emails from suite crm customization but not proper methid i can find . and i can’t understand if there is no use why they put the option here just for showcase