Who does what? How do you set a 'Role' for a projects related contacts?


The ‘contact sub-panel’ in the ‘opportunities detail view’ has an option to set a ‘role’ for the contact. How do you duplicate this function for projects?
I have lots of contacts for a project but cant see any way to define their roles.

I spent days trying to create custom modules and relate tables before deciding the best way would be to add another field to the contacts_projects table, and then realized that the opportunities table already defines roles for contacts,

Am i missing something, can i set a role for a project contact using studio?

thank you

Have a look at this article which should put you in the right direction:


Thanks amaruissi,

wow that was tough going for my level, i almost managed it though :slight_smile:

But despite following each step repeatedly on several VM instances, i just cant get the ID to pass in the edit button (and notice there are comments from others that had the same problem).

Will keep chipping away

I finally managed to create the role for a project contact.
Not sure exactly why the edit button wasn’t working as i followed the info in the link several times rigorously.

It may have been that the link was using ‘opportunities’ (plural) and the Project module is singular, which i realised after some time.

thanks amariussi