White Screen After Save

This board has been coming in clutch recently so I’ll give this another go!

Our system didn’t always do this but somewhere along the way, we started getting a white screen after saving a record in one of our custom modules. It still saves fine but if you want to get back, it takes a moment to navigate back to EditView of the record. The image below is an error in my console. Any ideas on making this go away?


I have never heard of the phrase coming in clutch before haha.

So, white screens can mean a number of things, 500 errors or timeouts. But from what you have described: it didn’t use to happen, and it apparently saves fine, sounds like sub-optimal customisations. Do you have customisations on this module, particularily on the logic hooks. From experience when a record has a particulaily recursive logic hook this can cause an infinite loop where the record (or related records) are trying to save over and over again.

What I suggest is to check the code customisations on this module (or even workflows) and see if you can add debugging log and step through the saving process again and record how often it gets repeated (if it does).