White screen after migration

Hi. I’m migrating my suitecrm installation from ubuntu 14 to 16.04.3 on a different machine. I get a login screen, but after I login successfully (only accepts correct passwords) I get a white screen of death. Nothing shows up in the logs to suggest what is going on. Ive done a fresh install on this machine separately to confirm the environment is set up right. I can’t get to a repair and rebuild. Any suggestions?

Log shows this on login:

Sat Sep 9 14:52:49 2017 [7198][-none-][FATAL] Configuration variable date.timezone is not set, guessed timezone America/New_York. Please set date.timezone=“America/New_York” in php.ini!
Sat Sep 9 14:52:49 2017 [7198][-none-][WARN] Image dashboard.png not found
Sat Sep 9 14:52:49 2017 [7198][-none-][ERROR] Unable to load custom logic file: custom/include/social/hooks.php

Fixing the “custom/include/social/hooks.php” does not solve the problem.

Well, and have you tried setting the timezone in php.ini? That’s a FATAL error, it might be stopping the app from running.

Also check php_errors.log, some errors are PHP errors logged by your Web server, SuiteCRM might have no idea what happened.