Which SuiteCRM should I use - LTS vs. normal releases?


a few weeks ago I started to work with SuiteCRM - and now I want to implement it in a company with 10 Users. First I installed and tested Version 7.11.7 and 7.11.8.

But now I have to decide which version should run our productive system - the standard releases or the LTS version?

What are the main differences between the LTS and the standard releases?

Are the LTS more stable - but older / with fewer functionality? And the standard have more bugs - but more design improvements and more features?

What are the consequences of the decision LTS vs standard?

It would be great if you could give me - the beginner - some feedback and “ideas” about this questions!

Thanks a lot - best regards!

My suggestion , you take the latest 7.11.8, so that you should get latest features and frequent updates.

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Ok, two questions:

  1. Is it possible to switch from standard to LTS? In my case: from 7.11.x (or in foreseeable future from 8.x) to 8.1.x LTS when it came out in 2020?

  2. What are the benefits of the LTS version? Or the disadvantages of standard releases - when a stable and bug free SuiteCRM is important for me?

I have read the official LTS page/description and made a research - but for me its a little bit vague and still not really clear.

Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations? See the two questions above.

Thank you