which plugin is best for outlook


We are using suitecrm currently and deciding the best outlook plugin.

Could you please suggest.
Opacus is not supporting to 2013 outlook.


Hi there,

Have you looked at plugins such as Riva, Grinmark?



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Hi Will,

I have managed to install Opacus successfully and it is working great. There are few queries I am wondering if you could help

a) When I create a new case and assign to an user then it is not creating the subject line [case: number] so wondering how to assign email template, do I need to change in the coding?

Currently subject line is coming as - sugarCRM Case - [[actual subject line]]

Administrator has assigned a Case to narayan mohapatra.

Subject: FW: Emmas Diary - Work Report 25 March 14
Priority: High
Status: New
Description: actual body content of email =====================================

b) When any lead will be auto archieved then will it just compare from and to email address or will it check the subject of the email as well. I am wondering one person might send me few lead so auto archieve might not work if it will not check subject line.

Waiting for your response.