Where to find cache custom modules themes data upload

Due to getting stuck with my Suitecrm installation, I deleted it and want to start all over again. Hope this time will be more successful.

fixing permissions:

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload
sudo chmod 775 config_override.php 2>/dev/null

Where can you find the folder custom? Modules? Themes data and upload? Only cache is inside suitecrm folder.

For v7, those would be on the root folder.

For v8, look for them under public/legacy. But for v8 you’d better follow the specific permissions instructions, they’re a bit different:

Is it advisable to use 8.1.2 already? I thought it’s already a stable product. But is it?

I don’t see v8 as particularly unstable, but it is new, significantly different, and far less tested. So I would still recommend the latest v7 for production systems, unless you get a chance to thoroughly test v8 for all your requirements and confirm it all works to your satisfaction.

can v7 be upgraded to v8 with all it’s contents when it’s stable?

Yes, that should be possible. The upgrader from v7 to v8 is being introduced as a beta feature in the current version.

The only thing you need to take extra care with are code customizations, those might be more complex to migrate.

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