Where the verification with database exists?


i need information from an expert.

Where can i find the function that verifies the existence of a field in the database before saving a form.

The scenario i have is to save a new opportunity. After choosing an account from the pop up list,i try to save the new opportunity, but i get an error “No match, field doesn’t exist”.

I found a peice of code in cache\include\javascript\sugar_grp1 :

function validate_form(formname,startsWith){requiredTxt=SUGAR.language.get(‘app_strings’,‘ERR_MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS’);invalidTxt=SUGAR.language.get(‘app_strings’,‘ERR_INVALID_VALUE’);if(typeof(formname)==‘undefined’)
{return false;}

i want to find where the verification with the database is done, any one could give me an information?