where can i find the Advanced Open Portal ?


can some one pleas explain me. where can I find the Advanced Open Portal ? I don’t have any thing under ADMIN:

This question is so complicated?! :woohoo:

help plz :slight_smile:

I could be wrong on this but I suspect it may be an issue with which version of SuiteCRM you have installed. AOP is accessible from the admin area in my SuiteCRM Max installations. I wanted to try an install using the Softaculous Apps installer and found that the AOP settings as well as AOD and AOS are not to be found anywhere. Perhaps they are hidden away somewhere but I’ve not been able to locate them. AOW was available though. Easy enough fix- just install SuiteCRM Max. Can’t speak for the Sales or Service variations as I’ve not tried either of them (although the Softaculous version may be one or the other- can’t tell from inspecting the About page).