where are the campaign view status data stored?

I’m looking into where I can find the data found at the view campaign status. Specifically the Campaign Response Activity.

As I want to get the number of recipients that haven’t opened the emails.

Went into phpMyAdmin, searched for “campaign” in tables list…

It’s called


We only have this columns in the table:

| id | name | date_entered | date_modified | modified_user_id | created_by| deleted | assigned_user_id | tracker_key | tracker_count | refer_url | tracker_text | start_date | end_date | status | impressions | currency_id | budget | expected_cost | actual_cost | expected_revenue | campaign_type | objective | content | frequency |

And to be honest I don’t really understand the data stored :slight_smile:

Sorry, my mistake, it’s “campaign_log”

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