When creating quote/invoice HOW to pull the line items from product module?

Product – categories; contains items.

There are several products items in Product module.

When creating quote/invoice I have to manually fill in the fields (Group Name, -> button Add Service Line -> enter the Service name, List price, …). All manually entered.

How to automatically pull the line items from product module?

SuiteCRM used 7.11.4.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. A product does not have line items, only a Quote or an Invoice has that.

Or do you mean you want to select a Product category and automatically create line items for each product inside it? (By the way, these would be “Product” lines, not “Service” Lines).

Any way, this is not what categories are meant for, and that functionality does not exist. You would have to do custom code to get it, and that screen is a bit complex so you better know your PHP and Javascript quite well :slight_smile: