What kind of email client was on the campaign receiving side?

Is there any way to know what kind of client (html or text-only) was used to open an email sent in some marketing campaign?
I sent my first campaign today and saw a few contacts in “Viewed message” section and a few in “Click-through link” section. But I didn’t saw one particular contact among none of those. While he didn’t appeared there he did responded to my email.
Is it correct to assume he used text-only email client?

I don’t think so that there is any way to know about the editor as we can never send the Javascript code int he Email Text. So the reason why you are not able to see that person in CRM may be that he/she has still not Viewed the Email.


I know for sure that he opened the email since he sent me a response.
How then that I don’t see this in SuiteCRM?

Tracking email receipts can be done in several ways

  • marking the email as “receipt requested”. Email clients can be configured to answer this automatically, but often they will ask the user whether they want to send the receipt, or not.

  • sending a “pixel”, a small image on our own server. When the email client renders that HTML, a request is made to our server, and we track that. Text clients won’t do anything.

  • other ways, like Javascript, requesting user to click something, etc.

The bottom line is: there is no 100% sure way of tracking this, you are always dependent on what the email client or the recipient decides to do.