What is the proper way to remove contacts from account but not loose email history

Hey SuiteCRM World,

Would appreciate your feedback on how to best handle this situation as I haven’t seemed to figure it out!

I recently deleted a Contact from an Account as they no longer worked for the company. The next time I went into the Account I noticed that the History panel was missing all the emails for the Account that were sent to that specific Contact (as in when I wrote the email in SuiteCRM, I choose the dropdown box as “Contact” and selected the person’s name).

The only two options I can think of to avoid this is:

  1. Not delete a contact for the Account but then fill up the Account’s contact list of non-valid people OR
  2. Just set all emails to the Account and not to a specific person, but then loose the ability to see who emails are going without needing to open one up and look at the email address.

So how does everyone else handle this situation?? I have a few Accounts where the account manager or sales person is in constant flux, leaving and hiring a new one twice or more a year.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything further, but hopefully this scenario makes sense and someone out there can open my eyes to the proper way to keep history while removing non-valid contacts from Accounts!

Maybe just rename the contact to something like “[Ex-] Joe Bloggs” to signal he’s gone?

But it’s really a matter of option for you… whatever works best.

If you need something more elaborate you could do some custom code to move emails to other entities - either the new Contact, or the Account itself. This would involve rewriting the relationships in the database.


Thanks for confirming that I’m not missing anything and that removing a contact functions as expected (though I wish there was a dialog that would ask if I wanted to migrate emails to the Account to preserve the history!).

I’ll look into creating a custom SQL query that can re-map emails.


Ok, don’t forget to share the Query here, once you’re done. Thanks