What is the most stable version of SuiteCRM?

I need to opt the most stable and painless version of SuiteCRM for the business. What version would you suggest?

Probably the 7.8 branch, but that is already falling a bit behind the times. It will make things harder for the future, since you’ll need to upgrade PHP beyond 7.1 pretty soon.

You should include the entire stack in your decision. Keep an eye on this


and this


The 7.10 branch is LTS but I would personally prefer 7.11 since it adds nice features and isn’t (inherently) more unstable than 7.10. I would just watch out for Email problems in 7.11 latest. Check all the features you need are operational.

Something people should do, IMHO, when aiming for stability, is to budget for some bugfixes. There are 800 issues on Github, but only 2 or 3 will really byte you. If you spend a little money on that (a few hours developer’s work, could be externally contracted), after not spending any money at all purchasing SuiteCRM itself, you get a really nice experience.

AND if everybody did that, there wouldn’t be 800 issues open on GitHub :slight_smile: