What is suppose to create 'smartlist' database table? SugarChimp? SuiteCRM?

I tried intalling SugarChimp for SuiteCRM and it’s looking for a tabled names ‘smartlist’ The table name isn’t prefixed "SugarChimp*’ like the other SugarChimp tables so this would indicate the table doesn’t have to do with SugarChimp.

Even more interesting (frustrating) is a Google search for ‘SugarCRM smartlist table’ returns no information on the table!!

It’s a mystery table! Anyone know what it is associated with and why it doesn’t exist? Considering I’m running SuiteCRM 7.5.3 and this is SugarChimp 7.7 my best guess at this point is that despite having a SuiteCRM specific version, it isn’t actually compatible with SuiteCRM 7.5.x which would be nuts since the zip file has the word ‘suitecrm’ in it and the module info on SugarOutfitters stats it’s compatible. I am of course taking this up with the SugarChimp people but in the meantime wondering if anyone knows where the smartlist table is suppose to be created from. Is it a Sugar 7 table?