What are the basic need know apart from php,js, css and html to develop code customization in suite crm?

Please send me the details soon…

What you mentioned is all you need really. However the following will also help:

  • Previous experience in web programming
  • Some kind of SQL knowledge
  • Experience with an MVC framework
  • Smarty/Templating experience

That being said SuiteCRM is a large, mature and feature rich platform. It will take some time for you to get familiar with it if you have no experience in customising SuiteCRM or SugarCRM code.

Hope this helps,

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I know the codeigniter framework and also I worked the open cart sites. , I need to know which framework used in the suitecrm? .

SuiteCRM has it’s own framework (technically the framework of SugarCRM) which is loosely MVC.