WebForm for Cases - is there a built in solution

Hi Folks,

again - new to SuiteCRM we managed to setup an campaing webform like a charm. But when looking for a solution to build a webform to raise a case we only came across add-ons wizth costs…

In this context I also wonder, if a customer will be able to log in to SuitCRM to see / modify his cases or certain information (like specific parameters or Newsletter subscriptions)

Any help would be appreciated…

Have you seen the free Portal?


It’s a separate installation you download from the suitecrm.com site.

Hello Mdi,

If your requirement is wide, and not only for cases management. And if you want a flow that your customers can come and directly submit tickets, access a knowledge base, use chat-based services, create proposals for quotes, and more, then you can consider to use SuiteCRM customeSuiteCRM customer portal. Where you can provide access to your CRM with role-based functionality to your customers, partners, affiliates, suppliers, and other business critical stakeholders. And also reduce the possibilities of delayed ticket entry or miscommunication by allowing the customer to place their own request and manage profiles

If you want to use the default Joomla portal. You can go with this https://suitecrm.com/resources/suitecrm-joomla-portal-plug-in/ and another portal that I am aware of is Urdhva tech’s customer portal It’s UI is really attractive. they are providing demo from this page. http://urdhva-tech.com/products/customer-support-portal