Web-to-Person Capture Form not working

SuiteCRM 8.2.2
PHP 7.4

Web-to-Person Capture Form is not working.

Have the Suitecrm site on a subdomain… crm.mydomain.org as using the domain as a marketing site. Get a spinning wheel of death and …

This page isn’t working
crm.mydomain.org is currently unable to handle this request.

I have trolled the solution and tried most ie. php change, line 146, etc.
I little lost to what’s next.
Please help.


I am thinking the issue may be with IP address (domain) vs subdomain, thought?

Have you checked if you have a correct setting in site_url parameter in config.php? The value you find there is what you provided in the installer.

The site_url parameter in config.php (public_html/crm/public/legacy) is correct and has the subdomain.

I have copied the site to another domain and tested, works fine. I created a A record to the subdomain site hoping this would work but no luck.

I will use domain instead of subdomain.

Have you checked Github to see if this is a known issue?

I guess there might be some extra setting in mod_rewrite that is missing for this to work.