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I’m quite familiar with SuiteCRM’s “web to lead” form; what’s the solution if we want that web form to go into a custom module or lets say “Opportunities” or “Accounts”? I’m creating a new module called “Bookings” that I wish to import information from an online form that will create a new “Booking” each time the form is entered.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or get me started that would be great!


You would need to look at how the WebToLeadCapture code works and replicate this for your required module.

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Thanks Will; I’ll take a look today – would you have a file name to suggest for me to look at first?

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If you are still looking for a solution to have web form for other then lead module. We have solution that will work as web-form for any custom or built-in module of SuiteCRM. You can find it here from SuiteCRM Store

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