Web To lead form

I have made a form using Wordpress via a custom plugin. I have a dropdown there which contains ‘Sports’. The key value pair in the sports dropdown comes from WordPress database. In Suite CRM, there’s a lead form which contains the same drop-down sports and I’ve entered the key-value pair manually, is there any way (API/Webhook/etc) via which I can sync the data in the lead form dropdown and the dropdown in WordPress.

You want to sync Dropdown options between both the systems?


Sohaib Majeed
SuiteCRM Developer

or the values?

Thanks for your reply.
I want to synchronize the value in dropdown b/w both the systems.Wanted to know if that’s possible?

Which Wordpress plugin you are using?

Basically this will not be done automatically on either the System. Custom Coding on both the systems will be required. There is no such feature in Wordpress and in SuiteCRM as well.

Okay. Thank you. (y)