Web To Case

Hello, guys is possible to use the Web To lead but as a Web To Case is looking to use SuiteCRM for our helpdesk system and also a way to create case without the user need to log in and do all the steps.

Not out-of-the-box, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

Note that there is good reason not to do these things together (create contact and create case) because the system is built to be able to track several Cases from a single customer, all in one place.

So what you’re asking for is a subversion of the way the system is built. I can see why some people want it like that, but you do have to define some automation, some customization to make it work.

Normally SuiteCRM will only handle Cases after identifying the Contact (or Account, Lead, etc) and that requires some way to match this person with existing record in database: an email, a login from the AOP Portal, etc.

If I were you I would try something like this:

  1. Use web-to-person form so that your form creates a new person (choose if you prefer Contact, Lead, or Target - I will mention Contacts going forward)

  2. Add a couple of custom fields to your Contact to describe “Case title” and “Case description”. These fields are auxiliary, they will not be visible on any screen layouts.

  3. Deploy the form and add these custom fields there.

  4. When the new contact arrives, have a Workflow that triggers on Contacts creation, and creates a new case, passing those fields into the Case.

Now you have to think about subsequent contacts from the customer, how will you handle them?

this is my goal.

All my account have an ID number (create using) Autoincrement module.

using URL variables like (suitecrm-url.com/caseform.php?id=12345)

The form will collect the account ID number 12345
and the form fill will be attach to that account.

make sense?

You’ll have to develop this, it isn’t made yet.

Try first getting the existing things to work: AOP Portal, so you can see Cases getting edited from outside SuiteCRM; and Web-to-Person forms, so you can see users getting created from outside SuiteCRM.

Or check the REST API and do everything from there.