Web form to Cases on suite

Is there any way to make a Web form so our clients can fill it and it gets on the platform as a new case? I know there is a lead form but is there a Cases form?

What we are trying to make is a ticket system so there is a supervisor, a technician and a customer.

  1. Customer completes web form
  2. Supervisor gets the new case and assign it to the technician.

We cannot use a normal ticket software because there is invoices included in the crm, so is easier to the customers have 1 single user and password to access all data.

Regards, :slight_smile:

Hi jusebo,

It is possible to create case from web form.For this you need to create one web form (Which customers will fill ) and one entry point.

In action of web form you will write “<crm_path>/?index.php?entryPoint=<your_entry_point_name>” and in entry point file,you will write like this,

$oCase = new Case();
$oCase->name = $_REQUEST[‘name’];

$oCase->assigned_user_id = 1;

Hope this will help you.


Can you share the code?