Warning: require_once()” error in suite CRM

In Suite CRM, when I try to use the developer tools, specifically the studio, I am getting this very massive error:

Warning: require_once(modules/AOR_Scheduled_Reports/AOR_Scheduled_Reports.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/admin/domains/suite.ethoplex.com/public_html/modules/ACL/ACLController.php on line 229 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'modules/AOR_Scheduled_Reports/AOR_Scheduled_Reports.php' (include_path='/home/admin/domains/suite.ethoplex.com/public_html:/home/admin/domains/suite.ethoplex.com/public_html/include/HTMLPurifier/standalone:/home/admin/domains/suite.ethoplex.com/public_html/include/..:.:/usr/local/lib/php:modules/AOD_Index/Lib') in /home/admin/domains/suite.ethoplex.com/public_html/modules/ACL/ACLController.php on line 229 

I’m not completely sure why this is happening, but I think it’s an ownership issue. The files in the …/modules/ directory are all admin|admin. If this is incorrect, what should they be set to?

It’s definitely permissions/ownership.

I set the directory to 777 and it works now. Anyone know what the default permissions/ownership should be for the modules/ directory?

You’ll need to detail your environment/setup. You should also search permissions on the forums, you’ll find hundreds of posts.