Warning: Declaration of SugarEmailAddress should be compatible with SugarBean

I am trying to install SuiteCRM in window/Xampp machine. When load install.php file in localhost I got this error message at fist screen.

Warning: Declaration of SugarEmailAddress::save($id, $module, $new_addrs = Array, $primary = ‘’, $replyTo = ‘’, $invalid = ‘’, $optOut = ‘’, $in_workflow = false) should be compatible with SugarBean::save($check_notify = false) in E:\xampp\htdocs\suitecrm\include\SugarEmailAddress\SugarEmailAddress.php on line 1162

Hence I can continue installation

But installation stuck in database configuration page with this message.

Please help me…

I had the exact same problem, also with XAMPP, and I worked around it by going into that file and renaming that Save function to something different (like SaveNOT).

The installer was then able to progress correctly. Then I changed the name back to the original.

I still see some errors on the screen. I have E_STRICT errors turned OFF in php.ini, so there is something extra strict about this PHP in XAMPP. I still haven’t figured it out.