Want to use graphical standard dashlet

What happens for me ?
For the moment when I clic on the home page ''add dashlet" and charts + add any of them and I have the hour glass working with no charts.
all my dashlets disappear and I have a blank screen.
Resolution by return to standard page in the admin.

(I just want to use the standard graphical charts dashlets)

Do I get any errors? yes no message and a blank page (all my current dashlets are deleted)

What version of SuiteCRM am I running and with what prerequisites I.e PHP72 with MariaDB 10.2?

I am using Version 7.11.11 and PHP 7.3

many thanks for your help

There’s a few issues in that version, i would suggest upgrading to newest to avoid them. If your unable to do so let me know and we can look at backporting the fix

ok thanks i will do it