Wait for 7.9.3?

Hi Everyone

Sorry for swearing but I’ve been using Zurmo. It seems that this has been dropped by a lot of developers so I decided to install SuiteCRM instead.

I’ve gone to download it and it says that 7.9.3 is due to launch.

Should I wait or just install 7.9.2 and upgrade?



7.9.3 has just been released.

Anyway, installing 7.9.2 and then upgrading would also have worked fine.

I can see it :slight_smile:

Wow, 7.9.4 is due out in another 10 days. Is it normal for these updates to come out so frequently? I assume applying the updates are simple enough.



The release cycle is 6 months for the big releases (7.x variations).

For the small releases (7.9.x variations) it can be a week or two, it depends on the discovery of critical bugs, or security issues. The discovery of a serious security issue will almost always force a release within the next week.

7.9.3 fixes both critical Email bugs and security issues…

Hi Nick and welcome!

I’m also from the Zurmo world. (Zurmo have kinda taken the Sugar route … followed the money … DESPITE what they may claim).

I think you will enjoy using SuiteCRM. About the only things I miss from Zurmo are the reporting module and calculated fields.

If anything, it is worth installing Suite 7.9.2, just to start getting your feet wet and finding your way around. As a suggestion, you might also want to look at installing the Compact Suite P theme (mentioned elsewhere in this forum) as the supplied Suite P theme might be a little too spread-out from what you were used to in Zurmo.

As Suite 7.9 has only just been released, you can expect a number of fairly quick-succession releases at the moment, just to stabilize it.

Hi Paul and pgr

Thanks for your responses. I’m very glad to be switching to SuiteCRM and will be attempting install this evening. It looks like 7.9.3 has been recalled so I’ll stick to installing 7.9.2 and will upgrade to .4 when that becomes available. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

I’ve tended to only use the very basic CRM features but I found that Zurmo was less capable than the Really Simple Systems CRM I used previously. Hopefully SuiteCRM will therefore knock my socks off.