viewing rights for team leaders

Dear Community,

I have an instance of Suite CRM running in my company.

We have teams that are led by individual team leaders. I have ensured that every user whose account has been opened in the CRM is assigned a person he or she reports to.

My issue now is how do I get the team leader to be able to view data for people reporting to them plus their own? I do not want them to view data of anyone else


Hi Naheed1979,

I am not 100% sure, but following steps might be useful.

You have to create a group for each team leader. This group should have - report to user to TL + TL - as members.

Create a role which allow only owner to see record. So team member can not see each other’s record.
Create a role for TL with group level access for modules.

Have a look at this link. Advice by Creator of Security Suite.

Thanks and Regards,
Alpesh Savaliya

Hi Naheed1979,

Have a look at blog -