View sent campaign emails with variables replaced?

When I’m displaying a campaign email a specific Contact has received (from the Campaign result page, or from the Contact’s history), the variables in the mail show as, eg., “Hello $contact_first_name”.

Is there a way to have this DetailView automatically replace the variables so that I can see the email the same way the Contact received it? Or another page I don’t know about that allow this?


I noticed that this work how I described when sending a “personal” email to a specific contact, but there is no link tracker in that case.
Any way to have it working in Campaigns too?

I found how to do this, there is actually an option for this :
Admin : Campaign Email Settings : Keep copies of campaign messages

For completeness:

If you use “Keep copies of campaign messages” and you send many campaign emails then your database will be filled with emails, which may not be a problem for you, although, from reading various posts in the forums, it appears that too many (useless) records in the database may result in performance issues.

Additionally, if your emails contain (heavy) attachments or images (although I am not sure of this) it may be that these are duplicated for each message and saved in the uploads folder with a new file name in the format of a GUID (without file extension).

I tried sending it to myself with variables included and it was received as:

“Dear $lead_first_name $lead_webtolead_email1 $lead_email1 $lead_name $lead_assigned_user_id $lead_last_name”

I.e. the variables weren’t updated before it sent?