View/Edit records from other database/table on the same server?

Hi all,

I have a MySQL server that currently replicates its database to my SuiteCRM server, and I would like to have the data workable within SuiteCRM.
Everything I’ve read talks about using a different (slave) server to speed up access, but nothing says how to work with records located in a different table/database altogether.

Is this possible? Can it be done in a custom module?

Happy to change the table or column names where necessary, but I would like the data to be added automatically via MySQL and have it available in SuiteCRM without any user interaction.

Any help appreciated, I’m not a programmer, but can copy the hell out of a php script if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Of course if possible, you just need to create custom modules with the data that you will bring from another “server”, or for example you want to populate your accounts module from another server that manages accounts also. You can do this web service of straight mysql commands.

best regards