View case attachments through portal (AOP)


When a portal user tries to view an attachment (by clicking the file name - link) uploaded in a case he gets a blank page.

The link has this form:

In the crm installation I can found the attachments but related with the contact not with the case!

[color=#ff0000]Edit :[/color] One more related little problem is that when the portal user posts a new reply, the attached file links are not shown at all, until he manually refresh the page.

Any ideas?


Hi George,

I’m having trouble recreating the issue. What do you see in the net panel in firebug? If the page is empty can you enable display errors in php ini and report any errors that are shown?

The attachments are related to the contact and the case update so that messages can be associated with attachments. However having them missing from the case view isn’t great. This will be sorted in the next release of AOP.


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your quick reply. After displaying errors I got this:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function finfo_open() in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\domainname.tld\components\com_advancedopenportal\views\attachment\view.html.php on line 22

As you can see from the path, the joomla installation is on a windows server :dry: (unfortunately). So the cause of the problem was that the finfo_open was not available by default on windows and I had to add


in my php.ini to enable it.

Similar problems are much more rare on linux servers. Anyway… [size=2]I think it’s a right thing that open source projects try to be compatible with any platform.[/size]

I hope this helps anybody with a similar problem in the future.