Version 7.8.x breaks module oqc_Product?

Hello dear friends,
I am using SuiteCRM 7.8.19 as upgraded from SugarCRM CE with the following procedure
1)SugarCE Migration 6.5.x to Suite
and lastly

Up until the 7.7.1 everything works just fine. From version 7.8.x (any x) the products bbutton just returns a blank screen with the error

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method ListViewSmarty::ListViewSmarty() in /home/domainexample/public_html/crm3/modules/oqc_Product/oqc_ProductListViewSmarty.php on line 7, referer:

I am running CentOS 7.4 and php 7.1 in a powerful Hetzner cloud server.

Is there any chance that someone could help out and port any possible ideas?
I have tried any version
Thanks in advance

This kind of thing it’s better to ask to the developers of that module, right?

You can also search the SuiteCRM Store to see if they provide that module for SuiteCRM.

Other than that, you would have to get a developer to debug that for you, maybe it can be fixed in a simple way.

First of all thank you for your reply.
So I may assume that this oqc_product module is somehow inherited from SugarCRM and probably not supported in 7.8.x , right?
If this is the case I am probably in dead end.

But have you tried contacting the developers?

SuiteCRM includes some modules that SugarCRM didn’t have, namely AOS Advanced Open Sales which has Quotes, Invoices, Products, etc.

So you might just need to migrate with more work, but maybe you can have the functionality you need, without paying for add-ons.

I see the point here. But who are the developers of oqc_product module? Is it the SugarCRM company it self?
I am confused as to why this module works flawlessly up to 7.7.9 but not in any 7.8x

I have no idea. Probably not SugarCRM, otherwise it wouldn’t be an add-on. You can look for it in the SuiteCRM Store, and if it’s not there, in SugarOutfitters.

Basically, modules work in upgraded versions until the upgrades change something they’re not expecting :slight_smile:

The application is very big and sometimes portions of it go unchanged for years.

First of all I appreciate your time to answer my questions.
But I do have the feeling that the oqc_product module is not an addon, but an integrated SugarCRM module, not a module that I installed it later on.
That’s why i got that confused.

It does look like it’s by SugarCRM. However, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in SugarCRM CE otherwise we would have gotten it when we forked.

Could this be a Pro module, did you have Pro version?

I’m told this is, in fact, a 3rd party add-on called “Open Quotes and Contracts”.

I can’t find the developers on Google, though. And they’re not selling it at SugarOutfitters either.

I see, thank you so much for your replies. I think I will need to do a proper migration by exporting all entries and import in SuiteCRM
Best regards from Greece