Vardefs Clears

Hi yall!

I’ve changed my vardefs from accounts to match with my new column in accounts_cstm since adding columns doesn’t show in the column of studio>Accounts>Layouts>EditViews i’ve found out where the field table where, one of your buddies didn’t tell me jack squat about it.

Well i’ve found out that changing vardefs is helpless since you guys overwrite it… when using “Quick Repair and Rebuild” so what can i do avoid that from happening?
Best regards


Whenever you make changes you should always try to add them to the custom section. Additionally files ending in .ext.php will be rebuilt because they are a collection of changes.

If you want to add custom vardefs you should do so in a new file in custom/Extension/modules/<TheModule>/Vardefs/someNewFileName.php. This will then be picked up and added to the appropriate vardefs.ext.php.