Validate Record Before Creating or Saving in Account Modules if duplicate

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I am doing some validation if how I can check/validate the data before creating or updating if already exist. Sample I have 3 criteria First Name, Last Name and Mobile Nobile if those 3 criteria are match it should come up an error or show a duplicate message before saving.


Does the default save account popup not notice the duplication and try to warn you?

Its working, but I change the criteria since I have a custom field. I have a f.f questions below:

  1. how this duplicate validation works on edit?
  2. how I can modify the duplicate display and add my custom field on it?

Please disregard sa question no. 2, I was able to figure out.

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Can you share how you achieved it quickly for anyone else looking at this thread in the future?

Hello, I just copy the ShowDuplicates.php. can be found at /root/modules/Accounts/ShowDuplicates.php and paste it at root/custom/modules/Accounts/ShowDuplicates.php.

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