Validate Migrated Database or?

Hi Forum,

I realise this might not be a newbie question, but I’m forced to look into solutions to overcome a SuiteCRM upgrade issue. I need to get 7.8.31 across from a Win server / MySQL base to a Linux / MySQL server, and as part of doing so migrate the database which I should probably validate. But I am a complete newbie in this regard, is there some simple way to validate the two database, or is there some way to perform this migration that makes the need to validate redundant.

I thought that perhaps I could get SuiteCRM running on Linux but pointed to using the Win Server hosted MySQL database, is it viable or even possible?

If possible would it then be feasible to run the SuiteCRM upgrade on the Linux host while using the remote MySQL on a Win server?


I don’t see any problems. I usualy do next steps:

  1. copy DB from Windows to Linux:
  • configure web (apache, nginx, ect…),
  • copy all file structure of SuiteCRM from Windows to Linux,
  • change parameters site_url and dbconfig in file config.php on Linux if need,
  • create user and database in MySQL.
  • make full export of DB from Windows,
  • make full import of DB to Linux.
  1. use remote DB on Windows:
  • open remote access to DB on Windows,
  • change parameter dbconfig in file config.php on Linux.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything

Thank-you P.Konetskiy,

I’ll give it a try and then post a follow up at some future date, but I’m confident if you done this befoer it should work for me site.

I hope it leads me to an easy solution for failed SuiteCRM version upgrades on the current Win Server hosted site.