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The passion and commitment that the SuiteCRM and SalesAgility team is obvious. We run a highly customised Sugar 5.5 and have been watching the project and clear investment by SalesAgility for a few years.

Our problem has always been the front end.

Rather than having another go in 8 have you thought about merging your investment and skills with https://demo.spicecrm.io. Their project does not have the energy of yours but they have nailed the frontend experience.

Final comment - if you are committed to doing it all within the project, also have a look at the Salesforce IQ product:

Thanks again for your contributions to opensource!

Kind regards


It should be remembered that any organization providing open-source software must obviously still have a way to monetize part of the business model. That’s usually done by providing consultancy and customization services, especially to larger clients.

Licensing is also an issue. Aside from the fact that SuiteCRM still has some legacy obligation to Sugar, who-owns-what can also be problematic when you have two separate entities working in collaboration, per your suggestion.

But, yes, from a user aspect it would be rather nice to be able to mix and match pieces of your CRM from different products! :slight_smile:

For my own example, I always liked the flexibility of the Zurmo CRM reporting module. However, like Sugar, Zurmo decided to just follow the money, with little new development of their open-source product.