v7.7.6 Threaded Updates "Performing Task..."


We have recently upgraded to v7.7.6 & now have an issue with Case Updates - the only option we now have to add any updates is via the inline edit, however when we do so we get the message “Performing Task One moment please…” which never goes away.

If we close this message & refresh the screen then the update has been saved, but this is obviously not a viable way of performing this function.

Is there a fix to this?

Thanks in advance.


I believe the “Performing Task” popup is a known issue, but we certainly do appreciate you letting us know about it!

In regards to you being unable to add updates in any other method, I am wondering if this is an issue, or possibly something that has been done intentionally? (I.e, by editing the views in Admin > Studio?)

If you feel this is indeed an issue, please let us know!

There was a similar (but not exactly the same) problem, which I debugged it and fixed it. It was a missing logic_hook.

Everything is explained here:


Check if that gives you any clues for your own problem…

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