Using SuiteCRM at a trade show efficiently?

We are a small start-up and in constant need of new customer leads. I have attempted to use SuiteCRM on our stand in trade shows in a live situation to write down visitor names and details on the fly. This has failed miserably, the user interface is far too slow to add a lead while you are talking with them. Therefore we have resorted to paper forms, that are filled in during the customer meeting by hand. This requires extra work after the trade show to enter all new lead into SuiteCRM.
Is this a familiar problem to anyone? Any best practices we could employ to make the most out of our upcoming trade show and have everything in the database when the show is over?.


I don’t see why it has to be slow if you configure it properly and your hardware responds.

On my PC SuiteCRM runs inside a VM on a SSD disk, and it’s fast. Every page loads in under a second, the database isn’t holding too much information, it’s only a test system.

What sort of delays were you experiencing? 5 seconds to save?

Were you accessing it from an online site? If you have slow hosting, there’s nothing you can do…

If you can’t make SuiteCRM faster while at the Trade show, I suggest doing it in Excel, with a pre-formatted list designed to be instantly importable into SuiteCRM.

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my solution was using the create lead form and built around that form.
from campaign, create people form…
this will create a lead from the campaign /show…

some custom code completed the trick.

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In some situations like your we had create, for our customers, an external little and light web application that use SuiteCRM web service.

With this solution we can generate simplest and specific forms for every situations.