Using SQL Server and Windows Authentication

Hi, trying to install SuiteCRM using an SQL server, but because the SQL server is set up for windows authentication only I don’t have a username or password to use for set up and hence I get errors when trying to conenct. Has anyone else managed to get this to work?

I’m trying to get MSSQL Windows authentication to work as well. Have you figured this out?

Well, in case anyone is interested. You can use Windows Authentication on MSSQL and set this up.
I commented out 2 lines in the SqlsrvManager.php so the options array looks like this:

 $options = array(
            //"UID" => $configOptions['db_user_name'],
            //"PWD" => $configOptions['db_password'],
            "CharacterSet" => "UTF-8",
            "ReturnDatesAsStrings" => true,
            "MultipleActiveResultSets" => true,

This makes sqlsrv_connect using Windows Authentication. But you also have to give the IIS IUSR account sysadmin membership on the server. Then create a blank database with the name of the database you are going to use for SuiteCRM. Finally when you use the wizard, you still have to put in a user name because the form validation requires it, but it will not use it to connect. So, you can put anything in the field. It went through the install and I logged in. Everything looks fine. I did this using version 7.12. Clearly, this is not a good idea for a production environment connected to the internet but for a local machine install and testing its doable. I was just stubborn about changing my local MSSQL security configuration.

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