Using sales module with opportunity

hello does somebody use the sales module (AOS) linked with opportunity
I did not find any documentaion (except standard doc describing each step)

I need to know what is the right process ?

starting with an opportunity and creating a quote or the opposite

I don’t really understand the best way to have a simple usage and well linked

the standard documentation explain thet “The Advanced OpenSales suite of modules allow you to manage the Post-Opportunity Sales processes such as Quoting, Invoicing and recurring Contracting.”

it is indicate "the POST Opportunity process but when you create a quote you can directly create an opportunity at 65%.

in my test I allready created an opportunity and this process broke the link with my previous opportunity

does anybody can help me


The usages depends on how your business logic works. Are you sending quotes to Customers or you have leads that you want to send some initial quotes/pricings?

for my business I create an opportunity first and then I propose a quote at a time.

finally do you know how this module has been developped? I mean for what best practice

If you read the details of both modules below, you will see that Quotes are related to Opportunities so if you create Opportunity against a Lead and then Associate a Quote with that Opportunity that is totally fine.
On the other hand businesses usually Send Quotes to Their Converted Leads i.e. Contacts or Accounts. So in practise that is preferable.

Thank you
I am working on some modification to be sure the system is complete

when I create an opportunity, as soon as I go from 30% to 60% I create a quote.
if the quote is in “draft” status the price does not go up to the opportunity. if the status is “delivered” the price goes up in the opportunity. if I create a second quote for the same opportunity, the price that goes up is that of the most recent quote. finally if I declare the lost opportunity I close the quote. and if i declare the opportunity closed won I change the status of the quote as “to be invoiced”
also if I change the amount of an open quote the amount goes directly to the opportunity.
this is what I am trying to developp.

In my case we are cancelling the possibility to create an opportunity dirctly in a quote.

thanks for your answer