using enable_legacy_search

Hello all:

My company is in the process of upgrading from suiteCRM 7.7.x to 7.10.14. One big functionality change between the two was that the search filter changed from being a constant form near the top of the page to being a hidden popup that only shows when you hit the filter search button. In order to return this new functionality to its previous style, one of our developers used the “enable_legacy_search” function in the config_override.php file.

Does anyone know if this is a viable longterm solution or will this end up having unforeseen effects on the rest of the crm? If there is an issue with this, is there a better solution?

Note that there are now 3 kinds of search in SuiteCRM:

  1. legacy search which is a query done in the moment
  2. advanced search which is indexed
  3. Elastic Search, also indexed, a new feature in 7.11.

It seems you’re saying you moved back to number 1. You should be mainly concerned with the search results and performance. Are they satisfactory for you?

But from what I understood, your problem is more with the UI of starting the search: you don’t want the extra click necessary, is that it?

Thanks for being so responsive. Yes this is mainly a UI issue. I’ll have to run some tests and be sure my results are appropriate but I’d like to stick with this option if it does generate the same results. I was just checking to see if any plans were in the works to disable legacy_search or any other changes that might make this choice unappealing but for right now it seems that this only deficit is how it performs the search, which doesn’t matter for my particular needs.

A UI issue should be treated as a UI issue, not as a matter of selecting the kind of search.

You basically need to

  • select the adequate kind of search you need and then

  • fix a bit of Javascript to make the edit box and the buttons work the way you want

I agree with you that saving a click or two is relevant when it is about operations that many people do all day long very often. I don’t know exactly how to advise you for the fix, but it should be pretty simple for any beginner Javascript developer…

Our current solution was to modify config_override.php and add:

$sugar_config['enable_legacy_search'][] = '[i]module_name[/i]';

I didn’t see any issue in this style but the main drawback is we will have to repeat this line of code for each module. There probably is a better fix and I’ll look at those options down the road, but this seemed to be a simple solution for now

You may love to see this product…

Let me know if you have any questions…