Using CALLS module to track in-person sales cals?

I am trying to get some input on whether or not it’s a good idea to track drop in sales “calls” (as in, “door-knocking”) using the CALLS module or the TASK module…

Anybody have any input?

Hey there,

Have you come to a conclusion on this yet?

In my Opinion, I’d pick Calls over Tasks, as I see Tasks more as a pre-determined future actionable item with a reminder.

But, it’s entirely up to how you intend to use the system!

You may even want to use Leads instead, as these can be converted into Opportunities/Accounts/Contact records in the CRM

Alternatively, you could create a whole new custom Module for this in Admin->Module Builder
If you found that none of the vanilla modules suited your needs

Here’s how I use it:

  1. tasks are pretty much anything that is not a call or a meeting. This keeps it clean and organized. Tasks are like “send client a quote”. However, “follow up on quote” is a call.
  2. Call are “non time specific” contacts with clients. For example, a quote follow up on or about the 9th, is a scheduled call. A call or an in person meeting with a “specific time” I use for meetings.
  3. meetings are specific times I need to meet with a client regardless of if it is a call, screenshare or in person meeting. So for example “A call with dave at 3pm on Monday the 9th” is a meeting. Dave is expecting me there at that time.

For me this just helps me keep organized. Meetings, I cannot miss. Calls are kind of like a reminder, but nevertheless are communications with clients and are stored as such.

Tasks are other reminders I need to do things that don’t involve calling or meeting with a client.

Works for me and this is how I coach most clients to use it.